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“I found out that I had scoliosis about 11 years ago…[which] caused my shoulders to be noticeably uneven; I was told I walked with a lean… After my first adjustment…I have noticed my shoulders become even…people who see me on a daily basis have told me I don’t seem to walk with a lean anymore. Going to Dr. Cassidy has probably been one of the most incredible things I have done for my body and health…I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me.”
—Huy P., Milpitas

“I came in pain and felt crooked. I left in two sessions feeling straight and painless. I am impressed by the care and gentle approach Dr. Cassidy uses. I’m feeling I’m on a better course for health.”
—Russell C., San Jose

“I came here with a terrible pain in my low back…I was taking at least 3 Advils during a day and some days more than that…Since I came here my pain has gone and I feel much better. My posture has improved and I’m feeling healthy again, and now I don’t take pain pills. I really feel the difference after the treatment.”
—Ana C., Mountain View