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  • Chiropractic Care Clinic Medicine For Therapy: Chiropractor care in Sunnyvale, California, for relief from neck pain, mid-low back pain, headaches and the effects of car accidents, whiplash, sports injuries and carpel tunnel syndrome.

  • Chiropractic Care of Sunnyvale, California: If there is interference in the functioning of your nervous system, your body may start to feel pain, irritation, and lowered function.

  • Some Common Conditions: Chiropractic is a powerful, natural approach to health and pain relief.The chiropractic philosophy is simple: Your body is self-healing.

  • The NUCCA Technique: NUCCA focuses on an adjustment to the “atlas” vertebrae, which is the uppermost vertebrae in the spine and the center for postural control.

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  • Experienced Chiropractic Services: Her specialization in gentle, low-force treatments with the NUCCA technique is a very precise method based on individually specific X-ray analysis.